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Babydoll Sheep - Breed History

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In 1990, some of the last remaining original Southdown sheep were discovered in England.  Three hundred and fifty of these Miniature "Olde English Baby Doll" Southdown sheep were the basis for the original Registry which was started in the U.S.  The Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association is the original registry and has the largest network of breeders, along with being the "foundation registry" it has become a household name when referring to the Babydoll Sheep.We are registered with the Olde English Association. The OEBSA has assured the breeds survival in their homeland where they were almost extinct, stock has been sent to England.

     Adult Miniature Southdown's are 24 inches or less at the shoulder without wool.  Southdown's that measure under 18 inches can be registered as "toy" Southdowns, through some registrys. Although the smaller the sheep can be more prone to lambing difficulty. They are about the size of a lab dog.

Miniature Southdown's are usually white; however, there are also black Southdown's in the Registries.  They are easy to handle and are not aggressive sheep.  Flocks can be maintain in a small pasture and do not require high fences. 

     Ewes are good mothers and often have twins and occasionally triplets.  Miniature Southdown sheep have round "teddy bear" faces and appear to be smiling, hence the adopted name "babydoll".

       Care for miniature Southdown's is similar to that of other sheep, including sheering, vaccinating, foot trimming, and worming.  Their wool is short stapled and fine with a 19-20 micron count. 

       Windwood Acres Farm currently has about 29 miniature Southdown ewes & four unrelated breeding rams, two white and two black, assuring availability of unrelated breeding groups.  Please call or e-mail us if interested in pricing which varies depending on the quantity and age(s) of the Miniature Southdown's.  We usually lamb in March and April.

     Wool: Fleece were tested and found to be 19 to 22 microns which puts it in the class of cashmere. The "Babydoll" fleece also has more barbs per inch than any other wool types which make it an ideal blend with either angora rabbit or angora goat.

Because of their short legs, "Babydolls" do well in small areas. They are ideal for suburban lot owners who want the tranquillity of sheep as living lawn ornaments. Both ewes and rams are polled (have no horns) and are non-aggressive by nature. They are not wanderers and do not bother fences.

     Bushy eyebrows, faces and legs are a breed characteristic of these wonderful animals. They are one of the oldest known purebred sheep in the world.
My sister Tracy & Windwood Acres Charmed - A triplet

Enjoying an Easter Basket.   I know there must be something in there for me!
"Ranger is better than having a puppy!"


Our grandson Trenton, having a wonderful time bottle feeding Austin. He volunteers every year!
Look For Austins Adult Picture!


An Adult Austin

Miss Molly
Molly was born on a very cold January day on our farm. She was taken into our home and bottle fed. She quickly won our heart and is a permanent resident of our farm.  She was quite a "helper" during our lambing season that spring. Molly is expecting her first babies this spring!