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Farm Store
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Windwood Acres Farm Store 
We handcraft rag rugs, goats milk soap, lamb/kidd/dog coats, have soap molds available as well as microwave lip balm! Babydoll fiber available part of each year. We also hand crochet scarfs on occassion. We will place items on web page as available.

Victorian Rose Rag Rugs
Handcrafted hand-crocheted rag rugs
have an heirloom created for you

We are on ebay!


Cost Information:
Hand Crocheted Scarfs: $25
~neutral brown
availability limited
Goats Milk Oatmeal Soap 3-4 ounce bar $4 - 2 for $7
~Rosette mold
shipping 1 bar $1
shipping 2 bars $2.25
Lamb Dog/Kidd Coats-small newborn $7
~various colors
shipping $2
Soap Molds $3 or 3 for $7.50
shipping $2.50
Victorian Rose Rag Rugs
$7 per sqare foot-hand crocheted
~new material
Shipping varies by weight
Babydoll Roving
$1 per ounce
availability limited
Yarn Skein-3 1/2-4 ounce-$5
~Neutral brown
availability limited
Microwave Lip Balm - 2 for $5
Shipping $1.50
unflavored and unscented-add your own special flavors!
Contact us for further ordering and payment information
payment via pay pal - we will email you an invoice
All proceeds are directly used to care for our farm animals

Check back soon, we are inspired often!